Australia's First Aboriginal
Woman elected to Federal Parliament

Since the mid-1990s, Nova Peris has spoken regularly on the plights facing Aboriginal people and has visited hundreds of communities throughout Australia to gain as much of an insight as possible into the issues facing people from all walks of life.

Utilising the significant platform of Federal Parliament, in particular, Nova has given a voice to thousands of people who otherwise go unheard. She has undoubtedly made an enormously positive and life-changing impact on young Aboriginal people, not just through her words but also her actions.

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The Nova Peris Story

Australia's First Aboriginal & Northern Territorian to Win an Olympic Gold Medal

Nova Peris became the first Aboriginal to win an Olympic gold medal when she was a member of victorious Hockeyroos in Atlanta 1996. She also become the first Mother to be a gold medalist for Australia since Shirley Strickland in 1956.

The Northern Territorian, born in Darwin in 1971, was an outstanding talent as a hockey player, with her pace, agility and attacking skills making her a distinguished player on the international stage.

Nova Peris is one of few athletes who have represented their country in two different sports; hockey and athletics, and separate Olympic Games. She remains the only person in the entire world to make back to back Summer Olympic Games finals in two different sports! She is also the only person to win Olympic and Commonwealth Gold Medals in different Sports!

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Speaking and Workshops

Nova draws on her life experiences to deliver a dynamic and inspirational message. Nova thoroughly researches each speaking engagement and workshop to ensure the key objectives are met. Presentations and workshops can be tailored to suite an organisations specific needs.

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